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Why We Ride

Tom Donegan“There are so many people – veterans and their families – whose lives have been changed forever because of their injuries from defending our freedom and our way of life. We cannot forget them – we have to recognize them for what they are: America’s heroes.” – Tom Donegan

Mike Loxtercamp“I feel privileged to live in a country where so many fine young men and women volunteer to risk their lives to ensure our freedoms. This is my opportunity to give something back, and to say Thank You..” – Mike Loxtercamp

Bob Loy"As a retired army officer with over 22 years of military service, I feel it is important that we recognize the sacrifices these heroes have made for our country, our safety, and our nation. It is to show our appreciation that we are planning this ride.” – Bob Loy

Joe Kurnos"Many of the men and women who are wounded while serving our country are mentally or physically changed for the rest of their lives. Daily routines that we take for granted are difficult or nor longer possible for these people -- yet they still take on life's challenges, and win. This ride is my small way of trying to raise awareness and support for these brave Americans.” – Joe Kurnos


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